ESAB PT-20AMX Plasma Cutting Torch

ESAB PT-20AMX Plasma Cutting Torch

  • $577.79
  • Save $356


In conjunction with an ESAB console, the PT-20AMX torch offers the ideal solution for low cost, high performance cutting.


  • 180 degree In-line mechanical torch
  • Excellent cutting capability
  • Extremely versatile-excellent for thinner materials
  • Equipped with patented safety interlock feature
  • Pilot arc starting-even starts on paint
  • Available with 50ft (15.2m), 25ft (7.6 m), *4f ft (1.2 m) and *17 ft (5.3 m) torch leads
  • Compatible with a variety of ESAB consoles
  • Drops easily into standards 1 in. (34.9 mm) torch holder
  • Airgas Part#: ESA21786