ESAB DuraDrive 4-48 Wire Feeder

ESAB DuraDrive 4-48 Wire Feeder

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Modular MMI (Man/Machine Interface) panels for easy function and feature upgradeability.

Driven upper and lower feed rolls for positive feed force and maximum wire grip. •Quick release "No Tools" feed roll system.

Heavy Duty 48 millimeter feed rolls, ideal for medium to low speed heavy wire applications.

Heavy duty compact wire feed motor.

All control circuits incorporated on one solid-state printed circuit board, mounted for easy access and removal.

Slow run-in switch sets the wire feed speed to 1/2 the preset until the arc is struck for smoother arc starting.

Jog switch for wire inching without energizing the power source contactor.

Anti-stick wire burn-back control for precise adjustment of amount of wire burn-back after wire feed stops, to eliminate freezing of wire in weld pool. 


  • Airgas Part#: ESA0558001910